Golden profiles: Rodrigo Garin Monterey Sr.

Rodrigo Garin Monterey Sr.

Dr. Rodrigo Garin Monterey Sr. holds the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Agricultural Extension (1960), Master of Science in Agronomy, Major in Plant Breeding, Minor in Experimental Statistics and Plant Nutrition (1970) and Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture, Major in Crop Improvements with cognates in Reproductive Physiology and Soil Fertility (1981), all from the University of the Philippines, Los Baños. He underwent one-year training in Agricultural Practices at the Ibaraki International Agricultural Training Center, Ibaraki-ken, Japan (1963-64) sponsored by the Colombo Plan Scholarship Program. His other trainings include; 3-months Training for Manager in Problem Solving and Decision Making in Business Management; 1-week trainings in Strategic Planning (AIM), Visioning and Strategic Planning in Technical Education (TESDA), Visioning, Strategic Planning and Program Development in Higher Education (INOTECH); and two-week training for Educational Administrator in Educational Management (SEARCA). He also attended several seminar – workshop related to Higher Education, both National and International (International Education Congress, 1995).
In the field of education, his expertise includes teaching Audio-Visual Education and Algebra at the Samar Institute of Technology (UEP, 1960-1963), Agronomy Subjects (UEP, 1964-67) Plant Breeding (UPLB, 1968-69), Statistics, Plant Breeding, Soils, and Plant Nutrition (UEP, 1970-74) Plant Science Subject (Enverga, 1976-81), Statistics and Biological Sciences (Enverga, 1994, 2001-03), Statistics and Method of Research, Graduate School of MSC (1998-2001), Enverga (1994), LSPC and SLPC (2001-2004). He rose from the Rank of Instructor I (1960) to College Professor (2001) in the State Universities and Colleges. His Administrative experiences in Education includes, Acting Dean, UEP Colleges of Agriculture (1972-1974) and Enverga College of Agriculture (1978-81), President, Marinduque State College (1995-2001), and Vice-President for Academic Affairs of Quezonian Educational Colleges (2003-2005), Atimonan Quezon.
His experiences in Agricultural Research and Farm (plantation) Operations and Management include, Project-in-charge: 100 hectare rice field of UEP, (1964-67); Plant Nursery (5 has.), citrus (10.0 has.), and coconut plantation (95.0 has.), UEP, 1971-74. Manager for Agricultural Research, the Manila Bank Agri-Business Corporations, (1981-85); Technical Consultant, Agricultural Research and Development Corporations, (1981-85); and Plant Laboratories Corporation (1983-85) of the Manila Bank Corporation, Manager for Operations of the Manila Bank’s mango plantations (202 has) in Silang Cavite (1983-85). Chief Horticulturist and Farm Manager, Guam Integrated Farms Inc. (1986-87). Project Manager and Technical Consultant and Hail Agricultural Project (2000 has. Wheat Farm) in Hail KSA (1987-1992), and Operations Manager and Technical Consultant, Shaira Agricultural Enterprises (1500 has. Wheat farm, 1992-1994).
He was a par-time agriconsultant of Cong. Proceso “Procy” J. Alacala of the 2nd District of Quezon, charting the Agricultural Development of Quezon, starting with the 2nd District. In June 2005, he was appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Laguna State Polytechnic University, formerly, the Laguna State Polytechnic College (LSPC) as Professor Emeritus (Doctoral Program) in the Graduate Studies and Applied Research. He teaches Educational Diagnostics and Statistics, Methods of Research and Philosophical Foundation of Education. He also acts as Adviser of Statistician of the Graduate Students in their doctoral dissertation in the said university.
Early this year, he joined (upon invitation of the PAFC Chair G. James Argosino) the Quezon Provincial Agriculture and fisheries council as Chair of Working Committee on Research and Development.
He is blessed with nine children who are all professionals; five (5) from the first wife (deceased) and four (4) with the present wife, Delia Potestades.
• Ma. Edelwina B. Monterey – Blasé, MSFT, MS, Ph.D. (candidate)
• Engr. Joseph Robert Gerard B. Monterey, BSCE, MPA
• Arch. Rodrigo Milo B. Monterey Jr. BS Architecture
• Carl B. Monterey, DAT – BAT (Licensed Agriculturist), MS, Animal Science (candidate)
• Engr. Raymond B. Monterey, BS Chem. Eng’g. MS
• Engr. Roderick P. Monterey, BS Comp. Eng’g
• Sheryll Lou Rina P. Monterey, BS Accountancy
• Katherine P. Monterey, BS Computer Science
• Mark Andrew P. Monterey, BSN, RN

Major Honor and Awards
1. Distinguished Service Award, (2008) granted by Marinduque State College during the 25th Silver Anniversary of being a State College.
2. Plaque of Recognition for Services rendered at Marinduque State College during the 50th Foundation Anniversary on April 4, 2003.
3. The First College Professor, (SG30) of Marinduque State College the Highest Professional Rank in the state college, awarded in 2001 by the MSC Board of Trustees.
4. Recipient, Distinguished Alumnus Award (2000) in Educational Administration given by the UPLB College of Agriculture Alumni Association.
5. Regional Winner (Educational Sector), Search for Kabalikat Laang Bisig Award granted by TESDA in 1996.
6. Most Outstanding Faculty Member, Luzonian University Foundation College of Agriculture (1981).
7. Most Outstanding Alumnus in the Field of Education, given during the 25th Anniversary Foundation, Agdangan Academy (1976).
8. Fellow, to pursue Masteral Degree, Association of Agricultural College of the Philippine (ACAP), 1967-69.
9. Scholar, to pursue doctoral degree, Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD), 1974-1977.

Rodrigo G. Monterey Sr. Ph.D



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Raymond B. Monterey on October 21, 2010 at 7:37 am

    Congratulations to my Dad and members of the class 60! I never get to see his grad pic. Now it’s here. I’m not sure i’ll be able to measure up to my dear old man. I’m just so blessed to be his son. I love you Daddy! 🙂


  2. Posted by Angie on December 9, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    I actually miss you and Delia. I apologize for the misunderstanding on my part. I miss you Doc! Please contact me on my email if it is okay with you. God Bless you and your family. Please accept my apology. I am in US right now, i will be in PI between January and March 2015 or maybe earlier.
    Angie Ferreras Fulper


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